Conspiracy Theorem likes the Unspeakable Project.

To our delight, we found The Unspeakable Project in the course of reading an essay by Ed Curtin, a voice for truth and political freedom.

Inspired by the incisive and truth telling book by James Douglas, JFK and the Unspeakable: why his death matters, the Unspeakable Project provides support for activists to promote the truth of the 1960’s assassinations through public and private readings, scripts provided.

Increasingly we are hearing from others in the movement who give a reasoned consideration of the question: what if the leaders killed in the 1960’s were not assassinated, but were able to live full and productive lives?

Here at Conspiracy Theorem we can imagine a very different society: one where we would not have experienced an endless series of wars, and coup d’etat; we also imagine the problems of human population growth, excessive use of fossil fuels that has led to global warming would have been attended to in the 1970’s, when the risks became known. Instead, the power structure was able to act with impunity and its malfeasance has led to cataclysmic change in climate patterns. It is clear to us that if the 1960’s assassinations had not occurred, a very different path would have been taken.

The Unspeakable Project provides a forum for reclaiming possibilities that were dashed by agents of the American national security state: members fo the CIA, the US Military, the FBI and even the president’s own guard, the Secret Service. It is all too horrible to consider, but look into it we must.

We post this message to highlight and amplify the good work of the Unspeakable Project. We the people need to demand investigations and justice and reparations that would include the dismantlement of the military industrial complex that has been built up since after WW II, as the final measure of justice.

We hope the Unspeakable Project might lead us to make the global call for peace that was foundational to Thomas Merton’s plea to the elites to choose humanity over war.

Here is a you tube link to an Unspeakable Project public event

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Conspriracy Theorem is a media collective of politically oriented truth seeking dissident types.

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