Conspiracy Theorem hails Watching Hawks episode featuring Jesse V. on JFK.

Watching Hawks in this episode, see link above, features Jesse Ventura and other guest pick apart latest piece of misinformation of the John F. Kennedy assassination. One guest explains how silly the latest “conspiracy theory” of the JFK assassination is, written by ex-CIA chief, Woolsey. Meanwhile, Ventura speaks eloquently about the sad fate of President Kennedy and discusses what history could have been like if Kennedy lived to win another 4 years. This was not to be. As a consequence of the JFK assassination, the military industrial complex became ascendant, top power player in the power structure.

Our argument here at Conspiracy Theorem is that history would have taken the country on a different path if Kennedy survived. We encourage viewing the episode with Jesse simply to see him speak truth to power.

It is refreshing and good for America that RT features programs such as Watching Hawks. We stand in solidarity with this call for a just democracy and an end to militarism.

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Conspriracy Theorem is a media collective of politically oriented truth seeking dissident types.

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