The Martin Luther King story

Dr. Martin Luther King: official conspiracy theory,  James Earl Ray, a lone gunman, shot Dr. King. Fact: The FBI, local law enforcement and U.S. Military, and mob figure, killed Dr. King and covered up the crime.

The official explanation for the Assassination of Martin Luther King is predicated on another ‘lone gunman theory’ which avoids a claim of a conspiracy, thus simplifying the official narrative, but as a result fails to hold up under scrutiny.

We are persuaded by the preponderance of evidence collected by William Pepper that shows that federal and local law enforcement in coordination with agents of the United States military, conducted the assassination of Dr. King. His rise as a leader of the anti-war and economic justice movements gave the federal authorities cause to assassinate him. The official narrative that a lone gunman, James Earl Ray, committed the murder falls apart when subject to other pieces of evidence.

We defer to the findings of William Pepper from his twenty years on the front line in the struggle to bring justice for Martin Luther King’s murder.

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