Our Mission:

To serve as a clearinghouse for clear critical thinking that endeavors to pull back the veil of secrecy, help see through the false narratives, and shine light of awareness on governmental and plutocratic malfeasance, so we the people may be fully aware of our history and avoid repeating bad practices in the future. Conspiracy Theorem endeavors to provide reasoned analysis and thinking to significant conspiracies that have impacted American society, and to speak truth to power around narratives that serve to distract from the truth. We believe it is important for the public to be fully informed about the actions that have led to a national security state that poses dangers to our collective and individual liberty; we aim to expose malfeasance, amplify Whistle Blower revelations, demand justice, and call for protecting whistle blowers from state retribution. 

Weighing evidence: we look at government malfeasance through the lens of civil justice, which only requires that 51%, a preponderance, of evidence to render judgment on a claim. In criminal law, a conspiracy involving two or more people in a crime, can only be found guilty on a “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which requires at least 66% of the evidence point toward guilt. In many of the cases we cite, the conspiracy theorem, there is sufficient evidence to criminally convict, but for the purposes of argument, we hew toward the civil and make claims of truth with that consideration.

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