Why question official conspiracy theories?

Why is knowing the truth about government led conspiracies important? 

We cannot be free if there is not justice for acts of malfeasance. The American public has been lied to about the 1960’s assassinations and the events of September 11, 2001, and other conspiracies. History and its possibilities for peace and a just society were stolen from ‘we the people,’ when Kennedy and other leaders were killed. If we do not demand accountability, then continued acts of impunity will further erode our freedom until we are without real liberty.

What can we do?

When a government agency, (or agencies) lies, it impedes the will of the people to influence history. JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK and others were killed so the power structure would remain intact. Because there has been no accountability, justice is undone, and what Michael Parenti (see blog post) calls “a state within the state, known as the national security state,” continues to act with impunity against the public interest.

When the president was killed, we the people were robbed of historic possibilities. That’s what happened. The 1960’s assassinations, essentially a counter-revolutionary act by national security state operators, robbed the American people of great leaders who could have enabled the development of a peaceful world capable of dealing rationally with the problem of an industrial society, and the capitalist drive to always expand.

If we are unaware of our history, that our country has been stolen, then we are doomed to be ripped off again. Indeed, the impunity exercised around the 1960’s assassinations, the 9/11 attacks, will only continue until we the people can hold those who commit malfeasance to account.

Accepting the false narratives from the government minders in the mainstream media, degrades our democracy by degrading the thinking capacity of the people; ignorance enables the corrupt agents to pass a lie as truth. Accepting the stories enables the power structure to maintain control of government. This was well anticipated allegorically by George Orwell in 1984, a prophetic warning of the modern national security state.

Knowing that the country and the future was stolen, gives us standing to demand a revolution that calls for world peace and militaristic stand down by leading military nations, so we the people of the world can devise a way to live sustainably on the planet in socially just and ecologically sound manner.

We highly recommend the book by James Douglas because he provides a spiritual guide for processing the reality of the American evil, by weaving in the wisdom of Thomas Merton who coined the term ‘unspeakable” to characterize the abyss of for which words may not speak.

Merton suggested the call to examine unspeakable events, as a pull to justice, is a measure of ones humanity; for it is a  call to bear witness to humankind and be a voice for justice, that moves one to consider a horrible truth. It takes great courage, for sure, but our national liberty is at stake, so it is important to engage in political truth seeking.

What can I do standing on the edge of an unspeakable abyss of human tyranny?

Form an affinity group so you are not alone.

Sign the petition calling for an investigation into the 1960’s assassinations; sponsored by American Truth Now. This link gives a nice report on the petition and the call for investigations.

Support the efforts of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, and participate in conferences and meetings to keep the issue in the mainstream and build awareness.

Form a study group, a caucus, within membership organization you participate in, or the political party you are a member of.

Write your federal representatives and ask them to sign the 1960’s investigations, and demand a Truth and Justice Commission formed by international experts.

Seek removal of Allen Dulles from public displays of honor. Revise his role in American history.

Organize a general strike; hold a teach in; get your city council to pass a resolution.

Demand full protection for all whistle blowers.

Demand military industrial complex pay reparations to earth and people; make restitution for theft of possibility for peaceful world.

Please post suggestions to our community bulletin board on what we the people can and should do in light of these conspiracy theorems.

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