The JFK Story

John F. Kennedy: official conspiracy theory from The Warren Commission Report claims a lone gunman did it; this is a false narrative designed to deceive the American people. Fact: the national security state involving joint chiefs of staff, CIA and FBI and Secret Service and others assassinated the president and covered up the crime.

In the case of the assassination of JFK, a preponderance of evidence indicates that the official conspiracy theory laid out in the Warren Commission Report is a false narrative intended to cover up the fact that Kennedy’s assassination was an inside job.

We defer to the reasoned analysis of James Douglas, who in his well researched and documented book: JFK and the Unspeakable: how he died and why it matters. . Douglas concludes by reviewing a preponderance of evidence that the CIA and agents of the United States Military killed Kennedy because he threatened a national security agenda built out of the interests of the military industrial complex. As a short cut to reading Douglas’ book, here is Ed Curtin’s book review. It is a fantastic read and should impel you to read the book.

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