Conspiracy Theorem likes Ed Curtin.

Conspiracy Theorem likes Ed Curtin. Curtin is an advocate for the truth and calling out the national security state when it commits malfeasance. He has signed the petition calling on Congress to conduct a truth commission on the 1960’s assassinations. As we have said, we don’t believe that we the people can claim our path in history without calling out the government malfeasance. Curtin understands the difficulty of the task and offers words to help us make sense of our collective predicament. We highly encourage reading Ed Curtin.

Here is a link to Curtin’s archive of essays at Global Research; thank you Canada.

Here is a link to a book review Curtin writes about Robert F. Kennedy and why he needed to be killed; very interesting and compelling. 

Here is a link to a reflection on Martin Luther King and the national holiday made in his name.

Here is a link to his book review on JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglas.

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Conspriracy Theorem is a media collective of politically oriented truth seeking dissident types.

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