Michael Parenti provides a hard hitting expose of the JFK assassination: Defending the Gangster State; read the excerpt

Wow! Michael Parenti is hard hitting. We stand in solidarity with his commitment to telling the truth and he does so in this except from his book Dirty Truths, published in 1996.

Here is a link to Michael Parenti’s discussion of the JFK assassination and the national security state operators who did the deed. 

Interestingly, Parenti cites a source who claims 85% of Americans do not accept the official Warren Commission Report. So what really happened we should ask. Further showing his writing chops, Parenti gives a riveting account of Oswald’s background as a military figure, and the improbability of Oswald pulling the trigger. Another fun fact, of the 600 books that have been written on the JFK assassination, 80% attribute the killing to deep state operatives; 20% stick with the Oswald lone gunman theory, or a mix that includes mafia, or some other actors.

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