The System Plays Us For Fools ; ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION ?

We the people of this country, as well as many others around the world , have been repeatedly violated by a revolving minority of elite, greedy, power hungry psychopaths who have been operating with impunity thanks to the complicity of those in whom we have mistakenly given our trust as elected representatives. We are living in the illusion of democracy because that’s what the system needs to keep us distracted , meanwhile the ” The Rule of Law ” has become a corrupted concept that is only selectively applied when it is necessary to instill fear in the masses.

                       A possible future of Peace and Mutual Cooperation around the world has been stolen from us, most notably beginning with the assassination of JFK, and proceeding with even greater arrogance right up until the present day. We are now facing a new incarnation of FASCISM , a NEO LIBERAL FASCISM!

Meanwhile the corporate media talking heads practice the propaganda techniques of omission  and misdirection while candy coating this malfeasance with babble about celebrities, puppies, and pizza.

                     Does this state of affairs inspire a sense of anger and indignation, or are you willing to go to any lengths necessary, including the abject denial of troubling realities, to maintain your comfort level within this system?

                   If you find yourself hungry for discussion that offers a reasoned perspective on what we, and young people especially, are facing today and in the very near future, then join with us in an effort toward mobilization.

Join Truth Action Project and push the conversation in a way that will make a difference.

By Spyder, Portland activist

Published by chucktheconspirator

Conspriracy Theorem is a media collective of politically oriented truth seeking dissident types.

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