Cynthia McKinney calls on members of the “truth” community to run for office.

Wow! I watched this 26 minute video from Cynthia McKinney in her address to the 9/11 Truth Community. She lays out a vision for change and suggests that the leadership could / should / come from the truth movement because “truthers’ understand the problem with our government and are willing to address what needs to be talked about. She lays out a very succinct explanation for why the truth community is the logical source for leadership (using ‘complexity leadership theory) to push the change that is necessary.

This is an amazing presentation. I consider myself her student after listening to this, and will advocate for Greens to recruit her to run for Green Party nomination for President in 2024; she has integrity of the deepest order, and is speaking truth to power.

If Greens want to grow our movement the party should align with the truth movement, which covers more ground than just the 9/11 events.

However, in this essay, is an argument that every party should be dedicated to the truth and so should have its own “Liberty Caucus” that would advocate for government and corporate accountability, transparency and whistleblower protections.

In the video, McKinney highlights 4 intellectuals that influenced her thinking. One of them coined the phrase: ‘state crimes against democracy.’ But from the four she weaves a coherent argument for taking back the state by promoting leadership from the Truth Movement and leveraging that talent.

McKinney is a Phd professor, and solid teacher, and I think is just what the Green Party and the country and the world needs. Greens should run a Shadow Cabinet that would be a media ploy for sure, but a Shadow Cabinet could issue critique, and mobilize support for the McKinney Presidency.

Watch the video and listen to what she says, then we should debate whether she is the best leader for the Greens, and others, to promote, assuming McKinney still wants to be associated with the Green Party. I haven’t talked with her about her willingness to seek the nomination. Maybe she would run as an independent, but she is definitely leadership material.

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