Frances Shure essay is a guide out of Plato’s Cave.

Wow! CT media team just got wind of France Shure’s dynamite essay on the psychology of the trauma of 9/11. This should be required reading.

Written clear back in 2013, in Why do Good People Become Silent-or worse-about 9/11?, Shure answers, citing many psychological studies and historical facts, to show how and why the country has been traumatized into silence.

Our democracy depends on a critical mass of the public to demand investigations and to stand up for the truth. The 1960’s assassinations and the 9/11 events were all inside jobs, state crimes against democracy (SCAD). The country has been in a state of trauma since WWII and our thinking has been conditioned by manipulations to the mainstream press by national security deep state operators.

The audience for Shure’s essay are the already initiated in the truth about SCAD. However, if one would approach the essay with an open but skeptical mind, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding about how our thinking and feelings are determined by variables beyond our control. Only with a concerted and concentrated examination of history, can we develop the discernment power to see through the lies and misinformation. Shure’s essay is filled with historical citations.

We invite readers to comment on our ongoing blog series deconstructing what Shure says. 

We are reminded of Plato’s allegory of the cave; people, Plato explained, are like prisoners with hands tied behind their backs, and all they can perceive is the shadows from the fire on the walls; the shadows are the reality to the prisoners, and not until escorted by the guide to the outside do they understand their reality view was false.

Shure’s essay is a guide out of the cave. It is like Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix. The true reality is harsh, indeed unspeakable, but it our destiny to gently nudge the nation to talk about 9/11, and demand accountability.

We encourage reading this essay and talking about it with members of your community; organize a book club around the essay; use the book as a psychological journey into self awareness of how our thinking has been formed. Let the book galvanize you into action. Speak truth to power.

Here is a link from 9/11 Truth that is about Fran Shure and what drew her to investigate the truth of the September 11 attacks.

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